Plans & Pricing

You can't afford not to use Call Logic

1-2 Users

Unlimited hours per month
$99.00*/mo per user

3 or More Users

Unlimited hours per month
$89.00*/mo per user
Organizations with 10 accounts get the 11th FREE and an
additional FREE account for every additional set of 5 users.

Recruiting Game Changer ...

  • Allows you to be more comfortable with your script as repetition creates confidence.
  • No more Recruiter ADD! Even if a call went well, you are forced to stay in the zone and move straight to the next call!
  • Cover significantly more territory in less time when developing new or dormant markets.
  • No more listening to ringing phones, voicemail messages, or leaving the same message over and over.
  • Send emails directly from the dialing screen while on the phone with the contact.
  • Speak to more prospects initially, as well as based on higher callback ratio.
  • Easy five-minute set up and start calling right away!
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